Monday, March 31, 2008

Our new blogspot!

Hey everyone! I decided I had better jump into the 21st century (really I don't know what century we are in:) and start blogging. Bear with me if I sometimes forget to post for a few days. Justin finally found his "dream Jeep." We are going to pick it up today (the long search is finally over)! Keshley just got over the chicken pox (she even had the vaccine when she was 6 years old). Daxon and Justin get to go the Jazz Game tonight, and Kazen gets to go with his dad on Wednesday. Jaggyr is the video game king, he would play all day if I let him. Ella loves to wear her sister's makeup, she adores her sister, Keshley. I am just plugging away day and night doing medical transcription. I love the new company I am with. Curves is still for sale, we are hoping something will happen soon so Mom can go home. Trevin is up at our house because his mom (ChiChi) is in the hospital with toxemia. Her blood pressure is doing good at the moment. She will be 32 weeks this Wednesday, which the doctor says is a big milestone. Check back to see what is happening with UsRoundys.