Thursday, May 21, 2009

The joys of T-ball

Jaggyr played T-ball for the first time this year and I forgot how fun it is to watch 5-year-olds learn the basics of baseball. If the ball gets hit to 3rd base, watch out because the guy playing 1st will surely come running to try to get the ball, along with the rest of the entire team. They don't get the "your spot/my spot" concept. . . a hit ball is free game for anyone! All the kids look to their parents for reassurance after they either hit the ball or field it, Jaggyr gives us the thumbs up each time, and we have this one kid on our team that just can't help but dance no matter where he is at. It is hilarious!

In Case you ever wondered. . . .

This is what Justin does at work, so you can see why I feel so bad when he gets home from a hard day of slaving away and I try to have dinner waiting for him on the table, along with the newspaper and his favorite pink fuzzy slippers!