Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am officially a college student. . . again! This time I am serious about it and I will get my degree. I am not quite sure in what yet, but I am leaning towards radiation therapy or ultrasound, possibly nursing. I really need to make sure that it is something I really want to do first. I am starting out slowly, 6 credits now, doing 1 online class and I have a Saturday class. I figured I had better ease back into the swing of things, and with all the reading and excercises I have had so far, I am very glad I only took 6 credits. I started helping out with Kesh's basketball team this last week, as the coach is there by herself a lot of the time. I have enjoyed it so much. The first day I "had" to play because they were short on girls, and I had a "ball."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Kesh's "official" first game

The rest of her team has already played 1 game, but Kesh had to sit anxiously on the sidelines because she sprained her ankle at practice the night before their first game. She was an emotional mess! While we were in the doctor's office he was manipulating her ankle and she started crying, so he thought he had hurt her, but she was just crying because she would not be able to play the next day.

This last Saturday she got to play and she got to start. She did awesome! 2 fast breaks, one they counted the basket and she made the freethrow. Numerous steals and rebounds. She is an animal on the basketball floor! She certainly doesn't get that from me, it must be from her father! What a joy to watch! It was almost a complete shut out on the other team, but one of their players made a freethrow. The final score was 27-1.