Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ode to Utah Jazz

It's game 6 back in Utah (the loudest arena in the NBA). Us Utah fans love our Utah Jazz! Game time. Okur is jumping against Gasol who is nearly a foot taller than him (so it seems). My stomach is doing flips. You'd think that I was the one playing in one of the biggest arenas in the NBA. My husband tells me it is because I am a fan. . . yea, that works for me. Try as they might, for most of the game we were around 13 points behind the Lakers. We made a rally at the end, but too little too late. We only lost by 3 points to end another exciting season. Props to Deron Williams, Mehmet Okur, your guys are awesome. Mehmo you are always there for the rebounds, and when your 3's are on, there is no stopping us. Boozer, where were you? Does the pressure get to you, cause I just felt like your heart wasn't all the way in it? Kyle Korver, we love you! You're a great role model for young kids, girls want to marry you, and you have a heart and give of your time and your money. I am proud that my sons and daughter look up to you. As to the rest of the bench, you guys rock! You outscore the opponent's bench almost every game. Sloan, you gotta pump those guys up before the game! We seem to come out a little flat in the beginning, but usually get it together before too long. Thank you to the guys of the Utah Jazz for providing our family with something we can watch together on TV. . . no foul language (for the most part), no sex or nudity, and just an all around great time. See you again next season!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Root canal. . . naw I would rather have a baby!

Justin had tooth pain last week so he went to the dentist who, in turn, sent him to an endodontist, who tells him that a tooth that he had a root canal about 4 or 5 years ago now has infection up in the roots. Wait a minute, I thought that having a root canal mean that there were no roots left and would not (should not) give you any more trouble? Do you ever feel like the dentists are taking you to the cleaners? The endo put him on an antibiotic and told him to come back in about 3 weeks. Well by last Sunday he was in major pain so I called the dentist who changed his antibiotic to something "stronger." Didn't touch the pain! Justin finally went back to the endo yesterday and he did a root canal on the tooth above the problem tooth! Are you confused yet? I sure am! Hence after staying home all week because he was in so much pain he could not work, Justin has gone to work today. I think he was really tired of watching me do "nothing all day." Whatever! I really do love him, don't tell me I do nothing all day, though, with 5 kids, 1 husband (live in Utah, but not polygamist), 1 diva dog, 1 cat and her 2 kittens to take care of, I have plenty to do!

I really would rather have a baby than have tooth pain! There is nothing like it in the world!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brodie's a growin!

My nephew Brodie (who is not even supposed to be born yet) weighed 5 lb. 8 oz yesterday. He gained 12 oz. in 2 weeks. He is such a cute little guy. Me and the kids got to go down and see him last Friday on our way to Circleville. The kids all got to see him for the first time.

Funny People

I have a really funny neighbor! I just read the funniest blog that she did about cupcakes. It is hilarious! Go to to read it.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, we are off on another adventure. . . to Circleville to go fishing. Jaggyr wants to catch a 5-pounder, and Ella is just happy to be going somewhere. Kesh is our official fish-gutter (no one else can really stomach it, so she steps up and gets it done!) Daxon and Kazen are excited to go ride the dune buggy that Uncle Clark gave them. Boozer loves going down to the property and the freedom he has to run wherever. Just thinks that he needs a friend, I, on the other hand, do not want one more live thing to take care of in my life right now!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mutha's!

Roundy's Out!