Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dusting of snow and Spider Bull

I live on the East side of the Oquirrh Mountains, just up against the base of the Copper Pit, and today I awoke to a mini-winter wonderland. As long as the snow stays up in the mountains, I will allow myself to think it is beautiful. It is only when I have to drive in it that it starts to wear on me. It looks like Mother Nature used a giant sifter and coated the moutains with a fine layer of powdered sugar. The clouds are hanging low against the hills and the temperature has taken a tumble from yesterday, a whole 40 degrees! My family and I were going to drive up the winding mountainous roads this weekend to enjoy the fall colors, and I am hoping that the leaves will still be attached to the trees so that I can have a reminder of our short-lived fall this year. Justin tells me this is "football weather," and I have to agree with him.

If any of you are interested, "Spider Bull," the world record nontypical bull elk that was taken right here in Utah, is on display at Cabelas right now. My husband said it is quite impressive! I just talked to customer service to find out how long it would be there, and he said hopefully throughout the elk hunt, but the owner could call at any time to pick it up. Take your family and get a look up close and personal of this beauty, I guess some might call him ugly, but he is still a world record!

I hope this post finds you all warm and nestled safely in your homes, and most of all healthy!