Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Potty Training 101

You would think after potty training 4 other kids that I would be a pro at it. . . Ella is teaching me otherwise! For 6 months now we have been pushing and bribing and pleading, but to no avail. Finally, Justin told her that Santa would only come if she was potty trained (I know it's mean, but we were getting desperate) and the other day she said "I think I have to go potty." Kazen took her in and she went and has been going ever since (3 days now). Jaggyr tells me that he takes her in to go potty and Kazen just comes along. Justin told Jaggyr months ago that it was his responsibility to be a big brother and help train his little sister. Way to go Jaggyr! No more diapers, yea! This has been a long time coming!


Kesh made the 9th grade basketball team at her school! She is quite the aggressive player, and she certainly did not get that from me! She was going to open court with the high school team for a little over a month to see if she wanted to try out for the sophomore team, but in the end she decided she would like to play for the middle school team where it would be a lot more fun. She has 2 great coaches who you can tell really care about the girls. Kesh's nickname is the South Tower, you'll have to ask her about that one. All of her games will be on Saturdays at Alta High School. I will have to get her schedule and let you know times.

Daxon and Kazen will be playing Jr. Jazz this year again. Dax will be on the same team he has been on for over 4 years now, and they do pretty well. Kazen's team is unknown, but hopefully he will get a good coach.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Football season just wrapped up and what a fun year it was! Daxon was in the Bantam league this year (13 year olds) and Kazen was in his last year as a Gremie (8,9 year olds).

Daxon played on special teams this year, got a lot of great hits, and even an onside kick recovery. He had different coaches the previous 3 years, but this year at tryouts they were a little shocked that he was so much smaller than they thought, so he got picked up by another team. He got a really amazing picture of himself blown up quite big by one of the coaches.

We had to basically force Kazen to play this year as he did not really get a lot of playing time last year. I know that he is really glad we made him play because this year he got to be quarterback and did real well. Made a few touchdowns and even got to pass a few times as well. Great coaching staff, very positive.

Both boys made the play-offs, but they each lost the first game.

They sure were fun to watch and I hope they realize how much joy they give us watching them grow up.


Many of you already know that I have diagnosed myself with ADD, hence, no postings since May of 2008! Okay, now that I know that I can make our blog really cute, I think I will take another shot at it!